July Camp

July Camp 2023

July Camp 2023 will be breaking new ground! This is the first time that July Camp has been held at the picturesque Monk’s Cowl Camp Site.

It will also be the first time that a tarred road will access the Base Camp Site right into the parking lot. No dirt road at all!


Two Catering Options

  • Fully catered
    For those who prefer the existing July Camp model with catering provided, all the usual arrangements will be provided and it will be July Camp as you know and love it!
  • Self-catering
    Another innovation is that for the first time since the early 1960s we will be offering July Campers the option of self-catering.



    As always, children are very welcome. We look forward to sharing their delight as they explore and discover our beloved Drakensberg.



    Rikki Abbott Wedderburn
    082 538 5389
    033 239 2374


    Payment to confirm booking must please be made before 31st May 2023


    0800 005 133

    Keep this number in case of an emergency.

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