Welcome to the virtual home of the KwaZulu-Natal section of the Mountain Club of South Africa. If you’re new here, please read below, and the Join Us page, to find out what we do, and why you should join. Our most popular links are shown above, just below the logo, and comprise the following:

Meets will let you know what activities we have planned, from day hikes, through rescue training, hiking and rock climbing, to international expeditions.
Newsletters will give you an insight into what we have been up to, both locally as the KZN Section, and nationally as the MCSA.
Route Guides are extremely popular among visitors to the site, and provide details of both the major KZN venues, and a number of smaller or lesser known venues that are probably not described anywhere else.
Sitemap is self-explanatory, and is an easy way to get your head around the extent of this site, and what’s available – it can also be a quicker route to some of the route guide pages, for example.

What We’re About:

The majority of our members are hikers and walkers. Club hikes are done in a variety of areas of the province including the Drakensberg. These are great outings to get to know our local mountains and trails.

Rock-climbing and mountaineering
Many of our members are avid climbers on rock, snow and ice. Although there are many Club organised trips to all areas of Southern Africa, a great advantage of membership is the opportunity to meet other climbers and join them on privately organised outings.

Sport and Competition Climbing
Club members are involved with promoting and participating in sport and competition climbing. Several meets and competitions are organised each year. Members have access to the use of a Club drill and a bolting fund.