Meet Sheet

The reason most people join the club is to spend time with like-minded people in the great wide open. Meets are arranged throughout the year. A “meet sheet” is continuously updated. You can click the large button below to see the up-to-date list.

If you would like to contribute to the meet sheet, please contact the hiking or meet sheet committee member.

Impromptu meets may be arranged at short notice. The details will be distributed by email. Information about meet changes and adventure talks will be distributed in the same way. If anyone is going on an impromptu trip and would like to open it to other MCSA members you are very welcome to invite.

For an explanation on our grading system for hikes and climbs, consult the table below


Easy, flat hike, easy terrain underfoot, short distances

Usually child-friendly – check with meet leader

Low fitness required


Easy hike, easy terrain underfoot, some hills or easy challenges, or water crossings, shorter to medium distances

Usually child-friendly – check with meet leader

Low to moderate fitness required


Moderate hiking, potential for some tricky terrain, or water-crossings. some steep walking, moderate distances

Fitter teenagers and adults

Moderate fitness required


Moderate to hard hiking, tricky terrain, scrambles up and down are possible, potential for iced paths, longer distances

Moderate to advanced fitness required


Hard hiking, unstable or tricky or extreme terrain, steep ascents or scrambles required, ice  conditions possible, extreme conditions, carrying heavy loads, or very long distances

Extreme fitness required

endurance capability required


Rock or ice climbing

Unless it’s a beginners’ or introductory climb, your own gear and some experience required.


0800 005 133

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